Branding | Iris Art Craft

Iris Art Craft is a small boutique provides custom designed invitation and stationery for wedding and special events. Iris is a type of flower that the owner would like use in the logo. The owner requires the logo should have an illustration of iris flower, as well as the colour scheme is violet or purple.


How to use the image of iris flower effectively. The iris flower might not represent well the type of business which is an invitation boutique.


Firstly, I sketched out the iris flower, then designed the graphic as simple as possible. Used two colour, green and purple as the colour of iris flower. To  combine the graphic with wordmark, i chose the font family Timeless. I created the shape of flower looked like the letter I.


  • Date: Nov-2015
  • Role: Designer Lead
  • Client: Iris Art Craft | Vancouver, BC