Branding | Forano Group

This project was for an investment company in LA, USA. The owner required to combine the main graphics were the images of mountain and sunset. Colour theme was colour of the sky and mountain when the sun went down. The project began with searching information and sketching. The owner provided the picture that he wanted to transfer from.

I created three versions so that the business owner could select. His final choice was the logo with the sun, mountain, and little stars. He loved this version because it was as same as what he wanted.

Colour choice

The combination of yellow and orange represents sunshine, success, energy and intellect. The dark green is associated with money and financial world.

Version 01: using the first two initials to create simple trademark and graphic.







Version 02: taking letter A in the name and transferring it to the graphic of the mountain.





Version 03: Combining illustration and typography. Creating the picture that represents growing, shining, and investing.


  • Date: Dec-2017
  • Role: Designer
  • Client: Forano Group | LA, USA