Microsoft Hololens, The Whole New World of Interaction

hololens testing

For those who haven’t heard about Hololens, it is the mixed reality which is considered as an augmented reality or virtual reality. In mixed reality, people, places, and objects from your physical and virtual worlds merge in a blended environment that becomes your canvas. You can view more information at Microsoft Hololens site.

In this article, I just wanted to share my experience of Hololens when I visited Microsoft office in downtown Vancouver. Thinking back then, I watched many Holywood movies about the future with touching screen, spaceship, high-tech equipment, and 3D things. When I got the chance to test the Hololens, I thought what I saw in the movie were happening in real life. Through the Hololens, I saw icons and applications as I was using mine laptop. I just used my finger and tap to open it. The most exciting things were all objects in 3D. Honestly, It was an incredible experience that I have ever had in my life.

Below is a short video I captured Charla Pereira, senior interaction designer at Microsoft, and Julia were setting up the Hololens.


The Paper prototype testing, Test user interface quickly and cheaply

paper prototype

The paper prototype is useful and practical studying to understand the users. User testing helps the designer to find out which components are missing and what need to be improved. All you need for paper prototype testing are the paper note, pen/pencil/sharpie, and testers.

Below was the prototype testing of my application.

paper prototype01. Kimberly was Testing the prototype.

paper prototype02. Closed up view of paper prototype

What are the Top Choices of UX Trend


(Feature image is Wivv application. This app won the Vancouver UX Awards 2016)
The strategy is certainly the most critical variable of any site development endeavor. A complete design has to make the right awareness of your clients and deliver a smooth user experience. A responsive web design typically means the visitors aren’t directed to particular device site if they’re browsing through a particular apparatus, but there’s an individual website that is implemented across all the devices. The UX designers around the world are attempting to recreate an incredibly remarkable user experiences with the assistance of bold, minimalistic and interactive UX design. A UX design is a rather crucial part of making a web design. It ought not to be forgotten that designers put particular emphasis on readability when working in this unique fashion. It is quite important on your part to locate designers that are duly conscious of the newest fads ruling the digital landscape.

Developing an application may be incredibly complicated, with lots of moving parts that have to interact correctly. Within this dynamic mobile advertising business, the mobile programs play a significant role available on the market promotion of the firm. Well, you also intend to launch a cell software, then you must know about the help of a veteran Android and iPhone app Development Company. Besides, that company should have the team of expert app programmers that could supply you with an app that has the excellent user interface, simple to use, satisfies your requirement as well as fits in your financial strategy? Wearable programs are best not only regarding compatibility but additionally in the conditions of fast response time. So far as cellular programs are involved, it is necessary to understand how trends are evolving in the digital world so you may answer the demands of your actual and potential customers. Adapting your cell program to your organization version isn’t enough, you’re going to need some simple framework knowledge so as to choose and select the tendencies that will bring in folks to utilize it.